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Our scholarship program started with two schools in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and has now grown to four schools.  We implement our mentoring program and fundraising to fund at least one scholarship per year per school, although we have exceeded this number of scholarships most years.  In addition to paying all fund raising costs and supporting the program significantly ourselves, we have various fundraising events that support these schools, and therefore the funds stay in the County.  The high schools we currently support include:

Blackhawk School District, Beaver Falls, PA   www.bsd.k12.pa.us
Blackhawk School District is the high school that Julie attended.  Julie also taught first grade for nineteen years in the Blackhawk School District.  Blackhawk was one of our first schools to receive a scholarship.

Beaver Falls School District, Beaver Falls, PA   
Beaver Falls School District is the high school Jan Jumet and Board Member Shenandoah Hoskinson attended.  Beaver Falls was one of our first schools to receive a scholarship.

Riverside School District, Ellwood City, PA   
Riverside School District is the high school Board Member Carol Sprinker attended.  Riverside was added in 2011.

New Brighton School District, New Brighton, PA   
New Brighton School District is the high school Board Member Gabe Engel attended. New Brighton School District was added in 2014.

Rochester School District, Rochester, PA  http://www.rasd.org
Rochester School District has been added as a fifth high school the Jumet Charitable Foundation will support.

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