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JCF Initiative | Benjamin Mark Banks, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Mark Banks, Jr.Benjamin M. Banks Jr. was born on April 1, 2007 and passed away November 25, 2017.   He lived his whole life in Chippewa Township in Beaver County and went to Blackhawk School District. Ben had a massive brain aneurism on November 2, 2017.

He bravely fought through 23 days until his body slowly gave out.  Ben was deeply loved by his parents, sister, family, and friends. 

Ben was an amazing 10 year old boy who was taken from his family too early, but left a lasting legacy.  Ben had many hurtles and hardships to overcome in his short life; Autism/ADHD, High Blood Pressure, Polycystic Kidney Disease, and Liver Fibrosis.

Ben didn't let that stop him from being a joyful, fun-loving boy who played hard.  He loved to play cars, superhero's, Legos, and with friends.   He had an intense love for cars since he was just a baby.  As he grew he would look through car books, magazines, and newspaper fliers.  When he would meet someone his first question would be, “what kind of car do you drive?”  When he saw that person again he would remember the car they drove and ask them about it.  Ben was also into reviewing toy cars for his YouTube channel.  This fun hobby turned into him reviewing real cars for Beaver County Auto's Facebook Page.  This accomplishment was a dream come true for Ben.  He got to crawl around in a brand new car, ride in it, and talk about it.

His catch phrase was "HOLD ON TO YOUR GUTS!"

We know that Ben's unique personality has influenced so many lives.  He worked very hard to focus so he could learn and deal with daily life due to his Autism/ADHD.

In memory of his amazing accomplishments in his short life, we are partnering with the Jumet Charitable Foundation to start a scholarship in Ben's name.  Our hope is to help kids with special needs as they move onto higher education whether that is a trade school, two-year college, or four-year college.  We had high hopes for Ben to go to college someday, but we managed our expectations knowing he may very well attend a trade school.  Special needs kids learn differently and are different, but being different doesn't make them less.  We want to help reward these kids for their hard work and choice to pursue a higher education.

Our family has attended the Jumet Charitable Foundation Turkey Trot for several years.  It started when we moved into Shenango Woods neighborhood of Chippewa and met so many new friends and they invited us to the Trot.  It has become a tradition for the neighborhood kids to sign up and Trot together!  We will continue to attend for all the fond memories that day holds for us with Ben, family, and friends.
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