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Brady High School  http://www.bradyhs.org

Brady’s mission is to get dropouts, non-attenders, and expelled students back in school, provide them with a quality education while they earn their diploma, and prepare them for post-secondary opportunities.

While attending one of our scholarship student’s wedding we talked to her uncle who is a teacher at Brady High School.  We were very impressed with the concept of this wonderful school and the success they were having with students.  After several phone conversations with administration and staff, we decided this school would be a great addition to our scholarship foundation.  This school was added in 2013.  We visited the school and met with potential scholarship candidates, one of whom we subsequently selected.

Our plan with Brady High School is to personally fund four years of scholarships (four students at once each year).  We will work with the students on mentoring as we do all students, while also planning to work with the Brady Administration to develop a mentoring program and fundraising program.  We hope to put the model of fundraising and mentoring in place with Brady that has to date been successful elsewhere.  Our ultimate goal is to have local fundraising and community involvement to fully support the scholarship program on an infinite basis…thereby having local people support local students.

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