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JCF Initiative | Beaver County Teacher of the Year

In the Fall of 2012 Board Member Carol Sprinker came to the Board with an idea to recognize a teacher in the Beaver County School System.  From there, we developed a program to recognize our first teacher of the year with the Beaver County Teacher of the Year Award. The committee was made up of: Betty Sue Schaughency retired Superintendent at Beaver Area School District; Mike Lewis, Educational Specialist at BVIU; Jason Hall, Principal at New Brighton Elementary School; Carol Sprinker, a Board Member and Principal in the Quaker Valley School District; and Julie Jumet, a Founder and Board Member of the Jumet Charitable Foundation.

Mrs. Lisa Kozlowski
Mrs. Lisa Kozlowski Elementary Physical Education Teacher in the Hopewell School District was the 2016 Teacher of the Year.

To nominate a teacher for the current school year, the following nominator application must be submitted by March 15thof the current school year.

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